sobota 20. novembra 2010

UFO bridge in Bratislava, Slovakia

The windows of UFO, the new restaurant and lounge at the top of the bridge, open onto the city and the traffic below like a spaceship's command deck. Standing before them, the only sensation that ties you to the scene below is a bit of bumping from the bridge traffic. On top of the restaurant, an open-air observation deck offers a full 360-degree view of Bratislava that is certainly the best in the city.

Retaining the positive side of socialist style, UFO gives ample opportunity to appreciate the bridge, which is a marvel. The asymmetrical suspension design holds the entire span without
any pillars towering over the city's old quarter or in the Danube riverbed. The first in the world to use such a solution, it is a testament to the creative trend in architecture pre-1968 as social and political life became more liberal in Czechoslovakia.
The bridge was completed during Communism in 1972, after the Warsaw-pact invasion that ended
the liberalization of the 1960s. Pushed out of public life and their seats at the architecture university for their opposition to the invasion, the project's architects did not receive invitations to the opening ceremony nor credit for their work.

UFO's observation deck is open to the public from 10:00 to 22:00

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  1. 4 years ago I went to slovakia when I was 11 and I asked my father what was this. He answered that it is a cafe. I wanted to go there and said "let's go to ufo". But I didn't knew the name.When we finally went there i saw surprised "welcome to UFO" hahaha. I will always remember this!!!

  2. please include credits for pictures you take on the internet